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Duck Island is a neighborhood in Cleveland Ohio, located in between two of the strongest real estate markets in the city- Ohio City and Tremont.  The location is across the Hope Memorial Bridge from downtown, bounded on the east by the ridge overlooking the Scranton corridor, the west by Columbus Road, Willey Avenue to the south and the ridge overlooking Carter Road to the north.

This neighborhood is an exciting market for residential and business development because it is an ideal model for new urban living.  Progress underway in Duck Island is mindful of the need for neighborhoods that offer a range of housing types and prices, feature high performance homes that are energy efficient, are walkable and easily accessible to transit and key amenities, and reduce our dependence on automobiles.

Duck Island joins communities across the country in exploring ways to meet the needs of their residents and providing opportunities for people to make choices about how and where they want to live.

There are homes for sale and new construction opportunities available today. Contact us to learn more.